Fleer Chicklets, Fritos Corn Chips, Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Beverages: Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, beer, whiskey

Esso Pencil ~ Can slides up and down to reveal gasoline pump

newspaper boy, Univac Computers, Credit Union “Rainy Day” man

Singer vacuum, Singer Sewing Machine, TV lounge chair

Smokey the Bear, Elsie the Borden’s Cow

This is a portion of my 200-odd collection. I will be adding more here in the near future ~ please stop back!

Also, I will be displaying some extras for potential trade. If you think you may have something of interest, please

E-mail me!



Hello - Bob here! I have been collecting advertising floater pencils made by Secretary Pen Company and Progressive Pen Co. for over 15 years. Why? Because they were the first - holding the original patents for this "novel means of displaying advertising matter" - and still the best! I am fascinated by the endless variety and fine craftsmanship they display.

I buy a lot and sell only rarely - none of the pencils on these pages are for sale. I do look for others who share my passion for the occasional trade and/or correspondence. I crave information about the origins of this company and am always looking for nuggets of wisdom or knowledge in their regard. If you have any to share, PLEASE contact me!

Meanwhile, here are a few examples from my collection that I hope will please you:

A part of the wide variety of automobiles which used floater pencils for advertising

Assorted Name Brand foater pencils produced by Secretary Pen & Progressive Products

Various Oil Company logos

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